May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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639 individual results submitted for Kids Athletics Challenge 2024

Preparations are in full swing for the finals

In cooperation with the Vorarlberg Education Directorate, the Kids Athletics Challenge aims to encourage children of primary school age to move and try out sports.

The results of one running, jumping and throwing exercise each were submitted consecutively and the times and distances achieved were converted into combined events results, based on a points table.

Since mid-February, a total of 639 children with teams from 16 different primary schools have submitted their results, with eight primary schools taking part for the first time. 

The grand final of the best ten classes will be held on Wednesday afternoon, 15 May in the center of Götzis, Am Garnmarkt. 

The finalists will complete a course consisting of various exercises together with some of the stars of the Hypomeeting Götzis.
Results of finalist teams

Photo: Zhong