May 18/19, 2024

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May 18/19, 2024

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Sprint - Jump - Throw

Kids Athletics Challenge

The Kids' Athletics Challenge combines the basic movement sequences that are necessary for the successful practice of any sport in a playful all-round competition. 

In the team competition, you spur each other on to top performances. The best 5 classes qualify
  •  for the grand final 
  •  with the top stars of the Hypomeeting Götzis 
  • on Wednesday, May 15th at 3.00 pm (Am Garnmarkt, Götzis) 

 All further details can be found in the announcement and the rules.

 We look forward to receiving your entries by March 22nd! 

Acquisition results
Hypomeeting Götzis
Running - Jumping - Throwing


The best 5 classes will have the opportunity to complete a "pentathlon" with the top athletes of the Hypomeeting Götzis at the final - and of course to collect autographs and take selfies!

Intermediate results

1st and 2nd grade or 3rd and 4th grade

will be published continuously from February 19, 2024.

70 pupils from the winning classes

... had a lot of fun with the top stars of the Hypomeeting Götzis last year!

Together with
  • Damian Warner (CAN)
  • Pierce LePage (CAN)
  • Lindon Victor (GRN)
  • Anna Hall (USA)
  • Taliyah Brooks (USA) and
  • local hero Chiara Schuler (AUT)
they completed an all-around competition with five disciplines.
Photos 2023

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