May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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Teamwork - with heart and passion

Commitment to the power of 10

The year is 1975: an ambitious team of four combined event friends laid the foundation for the Hypomeeting Götzis. The founding fathers: Werner Ströhle, Konrad Lerch, Armin Hug and Elmar Oberhauser.

Since the beginning, only volunteers have been working every year to put on a world-class athletics meeting. The Hypomeeting Götzis is part of the World Athletics Combined Events Tour with "Gold Level" status.

The organizer of the Hypomeeting Götzis since 2000 is the Verein zur Förderung der Leichtathletik (VFL).
Hypomeeting Götzis
Early morning in the stadium (2022)

The Organizing Committee

The Hypomeeting-OK is representative for more than 400 volunteers who turn the Möslestadion in Götzis into an all-around mecca every year.
If you have specific questions about the Hypomeeting, the organization or the likes, please feel free to contact the appropriate person from the OC.

Alexandra Giesinger Meeting Director

Alexandra Giesinger

Meeting Director
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Hans Aberer Competitions & Finance

Hans Aberer

Competitions & Finance
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Arno Ritter Competitions & Infrastructure

Arno Ritter

Competitions & Infrastructure
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Walter Weber Sporting Director

Walter Weber

Sporting Director
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Sophie Hotz Event Communication & Media

Sophie Hotz

Event Communication & Media
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Michael Riedmann Sponsor Relations

Michael Riedmann

Sponsor Relations
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Anna Riedmann F&B, Catering

Anna Riedmann

F&B, Catering
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Susanne Knünz Office Management

Susanne Knünz

Office Management
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