May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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Decathlon World Championship
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An update on 49th Hypomeeting Götzis/Vorarlberg

Götzis, 10 April 2024 – In the run-up to the Olympic Games in Paris, the 49th Hypomeeting Götzis/Vorarlberg will feature several highlights: the medalists of last year’s decathlon podium at the World Championships in Budapest will be competing in Götzis, and also the extension of the long-standing partnership with ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Company, will ensure a high-quality live coverage of the two days of competition. Plus, the organizer’s efforts are also continuing in terms of sustainability. 

Decathlon World Championships medalists in Götzis: The decathlon medalists of last year's World Championships in Budapest will be competing at the 49th Hypomeeting Götzis. Canadian World Champion and last year's Hypomeeting winner Pierce Lepage; the Olympic champion, Budapest silver medalist and seven-time Götzis winner Damian Warner, as well as World Championship bronze medalist Lindon Victor from Grenada will be competing in the decathlon in Götzis, on their road to the Olympic Games in Paris, later in August. 

ORF partnership extended by five years: Broadcasting two days of competition packed with combined events live on television and via live stream requires more than just experienced directors, technical and production capacities. Knowledge of the sport, the event and the local conditions are also essential for a high-quality production of a major international sporting event.

In order to continue capturing emotions from Götzis Mösle stadium and to broadcast top performances to the world in real time, the cooperation with ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Company, has been extended by five years.

"The production of these two days of competition for a live broadcast on national television, as well as for international television stations, is highly complex. We are therefore very pleased about the continuation of our cooperation for the coming five years. This partnership makes it possible for athletics and, above all, combined events to be given its fair stage every year in May, and for the performances of the national and international athletes at the Hypomeeting to be broadcast to the world," says Alexandra Giesinger, OC President.

Sustainability efforts continue: Hypomeeting Götzis was the first major sporting event in Austria to be recognised as "Green Event" in 2023. Last year's efforts in terms of sustainability are entering the second round this year: the combined events Gold Level meeting is aiming to fulfil the sustainability criteria of World Athletics. Some of the criteria of the "Athletics for a Better World Standard" must be met. However, the organizers’ ambition clearly goes beyond this. A solid foundation for this was already laid in 2023. As part of the ORF broadcast cooperation, a "green production" is again pursued to ensure that the event contributes to sustainability on as many levels as possible.
Athletics-for-a-better-world standard

Header photo: Ulf Schiller