May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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Beer experience evening

A big thank you to our partners and sponsors

On Thursday, January 25, the sponsors and partners of the Hypomeeting Götzis/Vorarlberg gathered in the rustic atmosphere of the Mohrenbrauerei brewery in Dornbirn for a special event.

This get-together, which takes place every two years, offers a unique opportunity to thank the committed companies and partners for their outstanding and long-standing support.

The evening was dedicated to appreciation, with the Hypomeeting OC expressing its recognition of the important role played by the sponsors and partners in the realization of the international all-around meeting.

The sponsor and partner event aims to emphasize the business aspect of the partnership, but above all to underline and strengthen personal relationships and a shared passion for athletics.

The 55 or so guests were able to feel this passion in a presentation of extraordinary facts, figures and statements by Alexandra Giesinger and Walter Weber - reasons that make the Hypomeeting Götzis unique.

The guests were able to experience a similar passion during a beer tasting of four special beers from the Mohrenbrauerei, where all kinds of background information and interesting facts were shared with the guests and the passion for brewing beer was literally palpable.

The Mohrenbrauerei's brewery cellar provided a stylish backdrop for the exchange of ideas and for dinner together. Overall, the evening reflected the common goal of continuing to make the Hypomeeting Götzis an outstanding event in the international athletics calendar year after year.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and their contribution to ensuring that the Hypomeeting Götzis can continue to be held at the high level and with the incomparable character that it has become over the last 48 years.

Photo: Alexandra Folie