May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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Sustainable commitment - for a better athletics future

Our claims

Sustainability is also a major concern for us. We also received the "Austrian Eco-Label for Green Meetings and Events" for the 49th Hypomeeting.

Our commitment is not limited to ecological measures, but also includes social and economic factors. We have taken a close look at mobility, catering, waste management, printed materials and much more and tried to implement as much as possible in a sustainable way.

We know that we are not yet perfect. For us, it's important to get started and get DOING. And in the spirit of the sport: We want to get better and better from now on!

If you have any questions about the certification, please do not hesitate to contact Alexandra.

Hypomeeting Götzis
Hypomeeting Götzis

Joint measures

Hotels, Gastronomy & Mobility

With the "Hotel am Garnmarkt" in Götzis and the "Hotel Montfort" in Feldkirch, we have hotel partners for our athletes who are also very concerned about sustainability and who implement a variety of measures.

We are looking forward to your stay in one of the many eco-label certified hotels in Vorarlberg.

Our food and beverage menus feature primarily organically grown and fairly traded foods - preferably from the region, a contribution to regional value creation.

In cooperation with the Vorarlberg soda brand VoÜs, only glass bottles will be served in the stadium. Your own drinking bottle can be filled with Goetzner tap water at any time.

Waste & Recycling
Our printed materials are produced according to defined guidelines. We make sure to produce less waste and to recycle the remaining waste by separating it properly. You will therefore notice that more reusable products are used when serving food and drinks.

How can you support us on our way?
  • Please bring your dishes and reusable containers (bottles, glasses) back to the return stations.
  • Dispose of your own waste at the waste collection stations in the bins provided. Overview of the recycling stations.

Statements from our sponsors

Christian Beer - Heron Innovations Factory GmbH

“It is crucial to differentiate between environmental protection and climate change. Our focus is clearly on sustainable environmental protection. That’s why, for example, we rely exclusively on renewable energies such as solar energy and geothermal energy and completely avoid fossil fuels.”

Wolfgang Beichler - Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG

"Sustainability has long been a central element and an important strategic dimension at Hypo Vorarlberg. Hypo Vorarlberg is aware of its responsibility and opportunities as a financial institution and makes a contribution to a future worth living on many levels."

Diana Wucher - illwerke vkw AG

“Our heart beats for a future in which sustainability is a living reality. We understand sustainability to mean our deep commitment to maintaining the balance between ecological care, social justice and economic reason. Every element of our actions reflects this commitment. In this way, we take responsibility for our environment, make a positive contribution to society and ensure our economic stability. Our mission is to be a pioneer – through a harmonious combination of environmental awareness, social commitment and smart corporate management. We strive for top performance and with this in mind we wish the athletes all the best and a successful competition.”

One of the biggest CO2 drivers at an event is mobility. We try to reduce the emissions in this area by collective transports for our athletes - with efficiently planned transports and regional companies.

As visitors and volunteers you can support us to become even better:
  • With the free ticket of the Vorarlberger Verkehrsverbund the arrival and departureas well as from the train stations St. Margrethen (CH), Buchs (CH), Lindau (D) and St. Anton (Tyrol) is very comfortable.

    Click here for the free ticket

  • From the train station Götzis the local bus goes to the Möslestadion:
    Bus schedule of line 307 and line 302 / stop Mösleweg.

  • It is a 15-minute walk from Götzis train station to the Möslestadion.

  • For especially sporty people there are many parking spaces for bicycles at the BORG (school opposite the stadium). The advantage: You park almost directly in front of the main entrance!

    Simply find the fastest connection using the cycle route planner.

  • Tip: If you still travel by car, try to form car pools. And of course you can offset your CO2 emissions yourself. For example via

  • Tip for ridesharing: Find ridesharing easily with the VLOW app

Hypomeeting-Treely Cooperation

Jagdberg Forestry Association: Different structures, from the former alluvial forest to the tree line, a wide variety of development situations - that is what is special about the FBG Jagdberg. Details about the project 

Make a contribution now: help FBG Jagdberg with sustainable forestry.
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Hypomeeting Götzis

Fair play and Antidiscrimination

For us as organizers of the Hypomeeting Götzis, fair play is a matter of course. Fair Play refers not only to the observance of the competition rules, but above all to the attitude of all participants.

Our principles:
  • Recognition of and compliance with the competition rules
  • Respectful interaction between sports officials, athletes and coaches
  • Respect for the referees and judges
  • Respectful behavior of the audience
  • Respect and consideration for the opponent
  • To "limit" the winning motive (no victory at any price)
  • Maintain attitude in victory and defeat

Our anti-discrimination principles can be found here

We are furthermore committed to the Safeguarding Policy of World Athletics and its principles of non-discrimination and respect for individuals‘ rights.
World athletics - safeguarding

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