May 18/19, 2024

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May 18/19, 2024

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Thank you for your visit

... at the 48th Hypomeeting Götzis!

You truly spurred the decathletes and heptathletes on to top performances and spread a goosebump feeling.

Save the date: May 18/19, 2024.

Your organizing committee
Alexandra, Hans, Arno, Walter, Susanne, Sophie, Michael & Anna
Hypomeeting Götzis
Hypomeeting Götzis

Ticket presale

  • Standing room tickets
    are available from February 2024
  • Seating tickets
    you can pre-reserve by e-mail at

Hypomeeting Götzis
On site, you're always close to top sporting performances.

Stadium map

  • Where are the individual sectors of the grandstand?
  • Where can I find the catering facilities?
  • Where is there an ATM?
  • Where can I buy merchandising articles?
  • Where is the meeting point for the frame competitions?

Get an idea of the local conditions.
Hypomeeting Götzis
Stadium view 2022
Stadium map

Photos: Günter Kram, Bjorn Parée