May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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World-class performances and excitement until the last second

This was the 48th Hypomeeting Götzis
Summarized by Swiss Track Check

"Sunday, May 28, 2023. Götzis is awakening. It can become a historic day of athletics. The sun slowly warms up the stadium and its visitors. The decathletes shake the last lactate of the 400-meter run out of their legs and prepare for the first highlight of the day. The 110-meter hurdles. 10 obstacles with a height of 1.069 meters stand in the way of the starters.

Finley Gaio (SUI) challenges Damian Warner (CAN) in his parade discipline and throws himself over the finish line only 2 hundredths behind the Olympic champion Warner. The decathletes convince with good times across the field and enter the discus throw with a broad chest. An event that has often been the deciding factor in the decathlon in the past.
Hypomeeting Götzis

Meanwhile, the heptathletes are getting ready for the long jump in front of the main stage of the Mösle Stadium. And also in this event Anna Hall (USA) shows her best side, secures another personal best and the next individual discipline victory with 6.54 meters. Her closest competitor, Adrianna Sulek (POL), had a much more difficult time and had to settle for a safety jump of 6.29 meters after two fouls. This was probably her last chance to make up ground on Hall. While the superstars are jumping on course A, Austria's Isabel Posch shows a super longjump on course B at 6.43 meters. With this jump she lays the foundation for the new Vorarlberg national record of 6021 points, which she was able to take over from Chiara Schuler this weekend, who also achieved a great result with 5916 points.

The discus throw brings new Pierce Lepage (CAN) in the leader position of the decathlon, which forces Warner to react in the pole vault. But the seven-time winner of the Hypomeeting cannot regain the leader bib after a rather weak pole vault. With only 4.50 meters he opens the way for Pierce Lepage to his first victory here in Götzis, who in turn not only crosses 5.00 meters with the pole, but also delivers a fantastic javelin throw (63.09 meters). With ultimately 8700 points the Hypomeeting celebrates the next Canadian winner here in Vorarlberg. Warner makes the double victory of the Canucks perfect with a courageous 1500 meter run.
Hypomeeting Götzis

Behind him a young, even the youngest athlete ever placed in the field. Rookie of the Year Sander Skotheim (NOR) pulverizes the national record and finishes the decathlon in a phenomenal third place after a super hurdles run (14.16 seconds), a solid discus throw (43.01 meters), an impressive pole vault (4.90 meters), a technically fine javelin throw (61.22 meters) and a very fast 1500 meter run (4:19.38 minutes). A promise for the future.

In addition to the three winners, numerous other decathletes write their personal history. For example, Germany's Manuel Eitel (GER) delivers a great decathlon and finishes with a personal best of 8351 points. Switzerland's Finley Gaio breaks the 8000-point mark for the first time and, like many other faces, leaves the stadium with extremely positive feelings. We will see what these guys will show in the future.
Hypomeeting Götzis

While the decathlon this year was further away from the legendary 9,000-point mark, the heptathlon slightly missed the 7,000-point mark. This was probably due to Anna Hall' s slightly weak javelin throw, where she threw "only" 43.08 meters, which was a burden for the final 800-meter run. And yet: She shows her incredible potential in this discipline. With 2:02.97 minutes she runs almost meeting record and sets a new overall best of 6988 points. A performance that will put her competitors at the upcoming World Championships this year in serious trouble. With a large respect distance to the superior winner of the Hypomeeting, not as expected the Polish Adrianna Sulek (finally third), but the former world champion and two-time Hypomeeting winner Katarina Johnson-Thompson (GBR). Both showed an extremely solid competition and can look positively to the still upcoming season. In parallel, Jana Koscak (CRO) crowned herself the deserved "Rookie of the Year" in the women's event with a great second day.

It remains to be said: Götzis is irresistible. Fast. Beautiful. Loud and also a little crazy. Who may experience it, will come again. Those who haven't experienced it yet should definitely do so next year: on May 18/19, 2023 in Götzis/Vorarlberg."
Podcast from swiss track check
Hypomeeting Götzis

The approximately 14,500 spectators during the entire weekend have again provided a unique atmosphere and helped the athletes to achieve top performances.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank around 460 volunteers who made the 48th Hypomeeting Götzis possible. Without the voluntary commitment of all these people in their spare time, Hypomeeting would not exist - THANK YOU!
Hypomeeting Götzis

Photos: 1-4 Kram, 5 Jentsch