May 31 / June 01, 2025

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May 31 / June 01, 2025

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Summary Day 1: Hypomeeting Götzis

Summarized by Swiss Track Check

The heptathletes open the round of absolute top performances. But the astonished eyes of the numerous fans quickly turn to the superstar from America. Anna Hall (USA) pulverizes her personal best in the hurdles and sets a new meeting record with 12.75 seconds. The Mösle Stadium is already upside down for the first time at 11:25 am.

The sprint competitions take place at the highest level. The atmosphere, the mood in the stands, the external conditions seem to give wings. For the time being, this also applies to the men, where Damian Warner (CAN), contrary to expectations, cannot win the 100-meter race. Nevertheless, the Canadian regains the lead immediately: Because the wings of Simon Ehammer (SUI), the supposed worst competitor of Warner on the first day, do not help the Swiss to fly high for once. He shocked the audience not with a crazy 8.45 meters like last year, but with three invalid attempts in his parade discipline. One felt transported back to the year 2021, when the Swiss caused the same thing at the same place.
Hypomeeting Götzis

Item. With one of the crowd favorites out, others can jump back into the limelight. First and foremost Anna Hall, who seamlessly continued her hurdles performance and also won the high jump with a personal best of 1.92 meters.

Let's go back to the decathlon: Pierce Lepage, who is often overshadowed by Damian Warner, fights his way to the end of the first day with consistently good performances, but without a victory in any discipline, to within 18 points of his opponent. The shot put is won by Lindon Victor (GRN). In the high jump Sander Skotheim (NOR) lifts off the ground and in the final 400 meter run Ashley Moloney (AUS) even sets a meeting record. The latter is 32 points behind in 3rd place after the first day, and Skotheim in 4th place also comes threateningly close to the Canadian king of Götzis.

Back to the women. In the run-up there was talk of a duel between Anna Hall and Adrianna Sulek (POL). The 24-year-old Pole could not quite match the performances of her European Indoor Championships. And yet: near personal best in the hurdles, an average high jump, a new best in the shot put and a fast 23.80 seconds in the final 200 meters are quite respectable. She is 46 points behind her own best and thus ahead of former world champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson (GBR) and 17-year-old high-flyer Jana Koscak (CRO), who also delivered a crazy competition in her first senior competition. She could attack the U20 world record with another top day.
Hypomeeting Götzis

The Austrians also delivered a great first day of competition. Isabel Posch sets three new personal bests at her Hypomeeting debut, Chiara Schuler wins her 100m hurdles heat in a great 13.67 seconds and Sarah Lagger improves her season's best over the hurdles to 14.18 seconds.

Now, this brings us to the fact that a combined events meet always consists of two days. Of 7 or 10 disciplines, respectively, and thus of many chances and many risks. The task tomorrow is to minimize the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. Anna Hall announced in her interview to Hypomeeting Götzis that she does not strive for a score, but takes event by event. The score follows automatically.
7000 points in Götzis? It would be a huge achievement for the only 21-year-old American.

In the men's decathlon it will be a very exciting race for the meeting victory. Also Karel Tilga (EST) and last year's runner-up Lindon Victor can still achieve a top ranking given they are strong throwers. So the fight for the crown will be exciting and the many technically demanding disciplines of the second day can definitely shake up the ranking again.
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Photos: 1/2 Kram, 3 Fisquet