May 18/19, 2024

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May 18/19, 2024

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Review 2022: World ranking list of the events

Review 2022

The World Athletics Competition Performance Ranking in the all-around summarizes the athletics year 2022.

Since the introduction of the world rankings, World Athletics has also kept a ranking list of events. In the all-around competition, the results of the best 8 athletes (decathlon and heptathlon) are added to the world ranking points. The quality of the field of participants is taken into account through additional points, which result from the world ranking of the participating decathletes and heptathletes.

The 2022 ranking list:

  • 1st place the World Championships in Oregon
  • 2nd place the Hypomeeting/Götzis
  • 3rd place the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade
  • 4th place the European Championships in Munich
  • The second best meeting from the World Athletics Combined Events Tour is Decastar, Talence, which ranks 6th.

An analysis of the ranking results since the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens has shown that, on average, only the Olympic Games and World Championships produce better results than the Hypomeeting/Götzis.

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The top performances of the athletes provide additional points in the event ranking.

Photo: Bjorn Paree